About Us

About Me


My name is Samuel Riner. I'm a 18 year old knife maker and I've been making knives for 3  1/2 years.  I love the art of making knives.  I work to make each and every knife better than the last one . I'm from  Knoxville Tennessee

The one thing that voids the warranty


 All my Knives have a lifetime warranty; however there's one exception. If you let a honey badger use your knife, it completely voids the warranty. I don't care how much you complain, don't let a honey badger use your knife. Don't arm honey badgers!!! 

My Goal


My goal is to make the best knives I can from heat treat to handle shaping and fit and finish. So you can have a knife that last for generations. I stand by my work. All my Knives have a lifetime warranty.  

This verse is how I try to do things.   

Luke 6:31  31 Do to others as you would have them do to you. 

Like my football coach said, trust the process (:

Here's how I do custom orders. Draw it out on a piece of paper with the length and width, like in the picture. Then send it to me either through email or text message. My email is  fibermascus@gmail.com and my phone number is  (865) 214-4581.  I will figure out the rest. If you like one of the designs I already have made, see below for more information or call me. 

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